Computer Services

Broken or Slow Computer?

Let us fix it, don't overpay it to the geek squad for sub-standard service.

Time to upgrade?

Our extensive knowledge of computers gives insight that you can benefit from. We'll customize a solution that's just right for you or your business!

Networking Trouble?

Frome wired networks, to long range wireless connections, we have the know how to set up a secure network for any situation.

Website Services

TechRunner is a small business and we enjoy helping other small businesses get a leg up, boosting patronage and public image. We offer affordable and flexible sites, that are taylored to very specific purposes.
Also great for individuals!

Mapping Services

Got some trails around your house, or maybe some nearby that you frequent?
Don't settle for a crude map when you can have the best of quality! The extensive stockpile of GIS information allows us to create extraordinary maps of any location. Our technical expertise allows maps to be printed or prepared for use on nearly any handheld GPS device.